Kaie:ri:nikawera:ke Day Centre


The Project provides central, suitable, and appropriate facilities where services such as referral, food, clothing, emotional support and other services may be provided to Indigenous people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by improving their living conditions, quality of life, and offer increased possibilities to socialize and regain self-respect in a warm and culturally suited environment.

The Day Cent continues to provide on-site support services to homeless people in downtown Montreal. Our team has worked towards an enhanced coordination of services among different organizations that support our mission.

These efforts have resulted in stabilization and improvement of living conditions; enhanced capacity of staff; expanded public awareness and encouraged use of Day Centre.

The project targets an improvement in the quality of life, in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of urban Aboriginal peoples who are homeless, transient, no fixed address, or who are at risk of being homeless.

* We gratefully acknowledge the financial and in-kind contributions of Mazon Canada and Moisson Montréal toward our food security program.

Some picture of The Day Centre